The Elegance Of Silk Pillowcases: A Dreamy Solution For Healthier Hair And Skin

The best silk pillowcases say they will reduce friction and frizz, leaving your face and hair smooth. This is the definition of “beauty sleep.” Silk feels softer and more expensive than any other material used to make pillows or bedding sets. Do they work, though?

In the pursuit of radiant beauty, we often explore various skincare routines and hair care products. But what if the key to unlocking your best skin and hair health lies in something as simple as your choice of bedding? Enter silk pillowcases, the luxurious yet practical beauty secret that has been cherished for centuries. In this article, we will explore why silk pillowcases are gaining popularity as a transformative addition to your beauty regimen and how they can contribute to healthier hair and skin.

Do Silk Pillowcases Work?

Preethi Gopinath, who started the MFA textiles program at Parsons School of Design, says that the science behind it makes sense. “The less friction a cloth has on your hair, the smoother it is. She says, “A cotton pillow causes more friction than a silk cover, so it might break less often. “There’s a reason why the saying is’smooth as silk.'”

Fans of silk pillows say that this is why they make their hair smoother. Dermatologists aren’t sure if silk pillowcases can also prevent wrinkles, but a quick vote of the Telegraph beauty team shows that those who know use silk pillowcases regularly. They make you feel good at the very least.

How We Tested The Best Silk Pillowcases?

Eight people with different hair types (from straight and fine 1A to tightly coiled 4C) and ages between 24 and 48 tried silk pillowcases from top brands at different price points. Maighna, Claudia, Amira, Anna, Raven, Hikmat, Simon, and Morgan, who are all volunteer writers for the Telegraph, tried out pillowcases for a few weeks and wrote about how they felt, how comfortable they were, how well they were made, and whether or not the silk made their skin and hair feel better. We tried the pillows on both dry and wet hair, and we also looked at how much they cost.

How We Tested The Best Silk Pillowcases

Some Best Silk Pillowcases

The White Company Silk Beauty Pillowcase

Our testers loved how this pillowcase was made of “super-soft, high-quality silk” and said they could feel that it made their hair better, “It worked like a charm, and it was a pleasure to sleep on.” “Compared to a regular pillowcase, I’m very happy with how it made my skin feel and look.”

You probably won’t wake up looking ten years younger because the benefits weren’t life-changing for all of our users., “It’s hard to say if it has “improved” my skin, but it hasn’t made it worse, and I have very sensitive skin.”

It is made of light, chalk-colored silk and comes in stylish packaging, so it would be a great gift for a mom or sister. Overall, our testers think this is a “amazingly soft and comfortable pillowcase” that is worth getting despite its high price.

John Lewis Organic Mulberry Silk Standard Pillowcase

Every silk pillowcase on the market says it’s good for your skin and hair, but this one was praised for the way it changed the look of people’s skin, “This case was so nice to sleep on. It made my skin feel soft, my hair smooth and it cut down on the fly-aways.” It is made of fine, smooth 19 momme Mulberry silk and comes in 13 different colors.

Even though it’s not the cheapest on this list, I think it’s the best value because it had the best mix of high-quality silk and good results from our panel.

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Drowsy Silk Pillowcase

Our judges said this Droswy 22 momme silk pillowcase was the best at getting rid of bedhead, even though it was pricey. Claudia, one of the testers, said, “Before I started using this towel, I’d wake up with my hair all frizzy and tangled. My hair is now less frizzy when I wake up, and I think I have fewer split ends as well.”

It got a perfect score of 100% for quality and feel, and testers said their skin felt smoother and less sticky after using it. The different colors (rose pink, white, and navy) and the fact that the pillowcases can be washed in a machine made Drowsy very famous.

Slip Silk Pillowcase

Slip was the first company to sell silk pillowcases, and it is still the best in its field. Their pillowcases are made of 22 momme mulberry silk, which has a very smooth feel. Testers loved the variety of colors and the higher quality, thicker fabric.

Our testers thought it helped their hair, but the results were a bit mixed. Claudia and Amira said it was good for taming frizz, but Maighna said it was “slightly static” and actually did the opposite. It’s still worth suggesting because the fabric and feel are great and it comes in a lot of different colors and prints.



Silvi The Anti-Acne Silk Pillowcase

Silk pillows are naturally hypoallergenic, but the Silvi Anti-Acne Pillowcase goes one step further by adding natural silver, which, according to Silvi, kills 99.7% of bacteria. This is great for people with acne and for people who don’t want to wash their bed sheets as often.

When I had a pimple on the side of my chin, I used the pillowcase. Even though I usually keep up with washing my bedding, I heard scary stories about how much bacteria a pillow can hold. This sent me down an internet blackhole looking for a solution, which led me to the Silvi pillowcase.

It feels soft and smooth, and the zipper keeps the pillowcase in place while you sleep. It hasn’t gotten rid of my acne overnight, but in the mornings my face feels less puffy and red.

Coco and Wolf D’Anjo Silk Pillowcases Set of Two

Many people would say that a silk pillowcase is a “luxury” by definition, but this one is the most expensive (and has a price tag to match) of the bunch. But it wasn’t a surprise that the people who tried it liked it and said it was “heavenly.” They are made by hand from 100% silk satin and come in many different Liberty styles.

“This case smoothed over little rough, frizzy strays and made my hair look brighter. It also made my skin feel calm and clear.” There’s no way around the fact that it’s an investment buy, but maybe it’s a good one.

This Is Silk 22 Momme Pillowcase

Simon put experts to the test. The 22-momme pillowcase from This Is Silk went well with a temperature-regulating wool pillow: “On a hot night, the silk felt cool against my skin, and I didn’t wake up with the red creases on my cheeks that I sometimes get from my cotton pillowcases.” His wife, Sian, had one concern, which was that the night cream might stain the silk.

Only Curls Silk Pillowcase

The Only Curls Silk Pillowcase is made of 19 Momme Mulberry Silk and is made for people with curly hair. It claims that you won’t wake up with knots or frizz on your head.

After putting curls in my hair, I tried out this silk sheet. Most of the time, curls get worse when I sleep on them, but they held up much better on this cover.

Then I gave my sister, who has naturally wavy hair, the silk pillowcase. She had trouble with frizz in the summer, so I told her to try this silk pillowcase, which she loved. She said that when she woke up, her hair was “much smoother and the curls were clear.”

We both found that this pillowcase didn’t cool as well as others we tried, but I’d rather buy a cooling pillow for that purpose.


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Ethical Bedding Eucalyptus Silk Pillowcase Pair

The Only Curls Silk Pillowcase is made of 19 Momme Mulberry Silk and is made for people with curly hair. It claims that you won’t wake up with knots or frizz on your head.

This set of pillowcases is made from eco-friendly eucalyptus silk, which is made by turning eucalyptus wood into very soft fibers. It has the same qualities as the silk from silkworms that is usually used to make silk pillows. This means that it still keeps your skin and hair from drying out and reduces friction. It is also naturally hypoallergenic, doesn’t irritate, and keeps the body’s temperature stable. In general, eucalyptus silk is a little cheaper, lasts longer, and can be washed in a machine.

I love how soft and cool these pillows are. They are great for sleeping on in the summer. I first tried the pillowcases with the bed cover, but I didn’t like how bright and shiny they were. However, they look great with cotton or linen that isn’t as bright. A great substitute for standard silk.

Slip Silk Pillowcase

Selecting the best silk pillowcase is a decision that can significantly impact your beauty sleep and overall well-being. Our rigorous testing process aims to empower you with the information needed to make an informed choice that aligns with your preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize hair health, skincare, or both, our research will help you find the perfect silk pillowcase to enhance your nightly routine and awaken to a refreshed, radiant you. Sweet dreams!

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