Homecoming Makeup Pro Tips: Expert Advice For A Flawless Look

Re: Advice On Homecoming Makeup

Homecoming is an exciting time for high school students, filled with the promise of unforgettable memories. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned homecoming attendee, one thing’s for sure: you want to look your absolute best. The perfect dress and hairstyle deserve equally flawless makeup. In this article, we’ll share valuable advice on homecoming makeup to help you shine on this special night.

When it comes to prom or homecoming makeup, there are a few things to think about when deciding on a look. Here are my five Best tips for putting on makeup for a big event.

1.Tip – Choose Lipstick Shades That Harmonize with Your Dress Color

If the color of your dress is a shade that you would see on lips, keep your lips the same color, even if you’re not wearing lipstick. If not, it doesn’t work.

Choose Lipstick Shades That Harmonize with Your Dress Color

2.Tip – Decide What To Focus On

Figure out what you want to stand out: your dress? How’s it? What’s in it? What about shoes?


If your dress is a bright, bold color, don’t go overboard with the makeup. That means you can match the bold color of your dress on your lips and keep your eyes natural, or you can keep your lips natural and make your eyes stand out with neutral colors (or even add a touch of the color from your dress in your jewelry), but don’t try to make your whole look match the bold color of your dress. It’s way too much!

What if your dress is black? If you want the dress to be the point, keep your makeup more neutral (yes, you can still add lashes to make it more glamorous while keeping it neutral:) You can wear color on your lips, shoes, or jewelry if you want to add some. Balance is the key word. We don’t want everything to be the same color.

Decide What To Focus On

3.Tips Eyelashes Should Elevate The Beauty Of Your Eyes

I love lashes, and I think anyone can wear them to make their eyes look better, as long as they make your eyes look better and don’t hide them.

Do some practice runs BEFORE the big day if you’re not going to have a professional do your lashes. If you’re a beginner, I love these Kiss Falscara lashes, but I would only use this Lashify glue (the Falscara glue is bad for your lashes and eyes!).

Tips Eyelashes Should Elevate The Beauty Of Your Eyes

Focus on making your natural traits look better and save the trends for Halloween.

Believe me. You might be rolling your eyes like my 15-year-old daughter and saying, “I will never NOT like this!” You may be right when you say, “I look SO good!” but…I’m going to say that you’re probably wrong 99.9% of the time.

We have some makeup tips for begginners: Makeup Made Easy: Essential Tips For Beginners

Makeup Made Easy: Essential Tips For Beginners

5. Tip – Learn How To Apply Prom Or Homecoming Makeup Like A Pro

Set up a time to have a professional do your makeup, or ask them to teach you how to do it like a pro so you can do it yourself. If you’re sure you can do your makeup well, try it out and take pictures to make sure everything looks great.

Homecoming is a time to celebrate and make memories, and feeling confident in your appearance is an essential part of that experience. With these makeup tips and tricks, you’ll be well-prepared to create a stunning look that complements your dress and personal style. Remember, it’s not just about the makeup; it’s about feeling your best and embracing the magic of the evening. Enjoy your homecoming night!

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