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Dear Peachie’s Makeup Quiz: Your Path To Beauty Enlightenment

Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz

Hello, Peaches! Here’s another fun game for you. Today, we’ll talk about beauty and makeup, as well as the ideals of beauty in Asia. Do you know Dear Peachie, a YouTuber? If not, we’ll tell you about everything. Our Dear Peachie Quiz is for both fans of the show and people who are interested in makeup and the Asian way of looking good. Thanks for coming!

What Is The Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz?

The Dear Peachie Makeup Quiz asks 15 questions about your face to figure out which character best fits it. It looks at the shape of your face and tells you what kinds of makeup would look best on you.

For those who don’t know, Dear Peachie is a YouTuber who makes videos about how to put on makeup. She is also known as the first person to make the makeup character quiz, which is where the name comes from.

With the Dear Peachie Quiz, you can find out what kind of makeup looks best on you and why.

How Does The Test Work?

The Dear Peachie Quiz looks at your facial traits and visual weight to find your matching makeup archetype. Basically, it tells you what your face shape is, how your traits, like the shape of your eyes, go with the rest of your face, and how that affects the kind of makeup you should wear.

How To Find Your Dear Peachie Makeup Archetype?

Face-oriented makeup archetypes were made by China Makeup gurus on Xiao Hong Shu, which is like the Chinese version of Pinterest. These archetypes use a person’s facial features to decide which makeup style will look best on them. That’s different from most other groups, which look at body type and style of dress for the same reason.

Ask yourself the following questions to find out what Dear Peachie makeup character you are:

If you like round, soft forms, you should try the Ingenue, Elegant, Romantic, or Natural makeup styles. If your face tends to be sharp and angular, Classic, Dramatic, Modern, and Gamine are better picks.

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Dear Peachie Makeup Tutorials

There are many makeup lessons on Dear Peachie, so everyone can find something they like. Fans want to look like their idols and follow Asian beauty trends now that K-Pop and Asian culture are famous all over the world. We can find Asian makeup and facial care products in almost any beauty shop, no matter where we are in the world.

Asian ways of dealing with skin problems have helped a lot of people, and the habit of using SPF sunscreen has fascinated others and become the standard everywhere, not just in Asia. SPF cream is a great invention that slows skin aging by a lot. It’s amazing that the rest of the world didn’t catch on until now. But we’ll also give you some beauty tips we learned from the Dear Peachie show, in addition to these obvious facts.

What Are The Eight Archetypes Of Dear Peachie Makeup?

The eight archetypes introduced by Dear Peachie are Ingenue, Elegant, Romantic, Natural, Classic, Dramatic, Modern, and Gamine.

Here’s what each one looks like:


The Ingenue archetype fits round, soft faces and is like childlike beauty, kindness, and delicacy. And it goes well with kinds of makeup like Energetic, Cute, Sweet, and Cool.


The Elegant archetype is like calmness, beauty, and sensitivity. For people with this image, the best makeup styles are Rich Girl and Korean Ladylike.


The Romantic character is like sensuality, softness, and beauty that makes you want to get closer. It goes with kinds of makeup like Flirtatious Cute and Retro Hong Kong Girl.


The Natural archetype is the most common Dear Peachie archetype. It is like being relaxed, beautiful without trying, easygoing, and friendly. It goes with kinds of makeup like Gentle Ladylike and Mori Kei Style.


As its name suggests, the Classic makeup character is similar to being formal and sticking to the rules. It’s a sign of womanly confidence and beauty that comes with age. And it goes with looks like the Cool Minimalist Look and the No Eyeshadow Makeup Look.


Dramatic Dear Peachie is a character that not many people have. But it’s not like the others. The archetype is like dignity, intensity, extravagance, and charisma. Bold makeup styles like Thai and Fiery Mean go well with this character.


The Modern character is about being clean, being brave, and being sure of yourself. And it goes with bright, eye-catching looks like Cut Crease Eye Makeup, Siren Eye Makeup, and Smokey Eye Makeup.


The Gamine archetype is refreshing and brave, and it looks like young, slightly manly beauty. It has a tomboyish feel that goes well with looks like Airy Boyish and Soft Grunge.

Discover Your Makeup Archetype: Take the Quiz and Find Your Perfect Match!

Still not sure what type of Dear Peachie makeup you are? If you answered yes, take the quiz and you’ll find out in a few minutes.

The answers to the following Look at how you look and what your face looks like to figure out what style of makeup fits your character. It’s easy, quick, and free.

The Dear Peachie makeup quiz is a great way to get started on your makeup journey or to find new ways to enhance your natural beauty. However, it is important to remember that the quiz is just a suggestion, and the best makeup style for you is the one that you feel most confident and comfortable in.

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